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BASTILLE // Get Home ( Official Video - Tour 2011 ) (by BASTILLEvideos)

This song is dedicated to all my fellow restaurant industry workers. To all the people tending to all those out drinking, living recklessly; the waiters/waitresses/servers, the bouncers and bartenders, we are truly ‘the last people standing at the end of the night’ 

And I ask my self, how am I gonna get myself back home?

Bastille No Angels (Sun Biz Session) (by Mi Mood)

-Love this song, love this band, love this cover

-These guys are doing a small US Tour which bums me out even more that I live in a smaller city, in a state they don’t even know about; Denver. 

For Laura and Danie. *note Niall and Louis

I want to know what kind of lipstick those boys are wearing!

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First time snorkeling and it felt so amazing. So peaceful and and beautiful out in the waters. 

Even got to see a baby shark! 

The oldest tree among the trail in the El Yunque Rain Forest, Puerto Rico 

The oldest tree among the trail in the El Yunque Rain Forest, Puerto Rico 

The light house at the Forts of Old San Juan. 

We went straight to the beach after the hotel in Carolina and it was absolutely stunning. 

Puerto Rico was amazing.


Happy Birthday Gary Cooper | May 7, 1901 – May 13, 1961

“He had a marvelous combination of great strength and great gentility — tough as steel, soft as fog.”

Ernest Hemingway

„ He accomplishes really sincere acting with very few tricks. Someone like Gary is dismissed with, “Oh, he is such a simple person, what he is playing is so simple.” Look at it right up close, and you see it is much more than that, sometimes rather complex, but always subtle.“

George Cukor

 ”He was the most gorgeously attractive man.” 

Patricia Neal

„Gary Cooper is like wax you could mold in front of a camera.“

Ernst Lubitsch

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